Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Blogging along..........

Today was pay day. Woohoo! I got my raise and it felt wonderful. It was left out of last week's check so I got it for four weeks in one check. I am going to reward myself with something wonderful like a pedicure. We are paying down our floor with Rob's overtime. Tonight as I was vacumning, I dropped a heavy paperweight and it made a dent in the floor. At first I got upset and then I had to do a check on myself and remind myself that things get damaged and accidents happen. It's not life altering and I can't let it upset me. I am a cautious person but regardless things happen from time to time. I am through letting things like that ruin my hours, days, weeks or months. Life is just too short.
Tonight our neighber had to go for her daughter's teacher conference. She needed someone to watch her daughter for 45 minutes. I happily volunteered. Her daughter is an only child like my son was. She is so pretty, intelligent and a real joy to spend time with. She bought over her new electronic pen that was pretty cool. I showed her my photo album of pets. Like me she is an animal lover. We had such a nice visit. I often think of how I might have enjoyed a daughter. Someday if my son chooses the right life partner I may know what it's like.
The clock is ticking and IDOL will soon be on. I am hoping that the ax hits Kevin between his chicken little eyes and Kelly goes back to the hog farm or wherever. What might start out as cute can become irritating as hell.
Well time to go find some IDOL worthy snacks like crackers and a cheese log.
My darling is out throwing darts tonight. I hope to sneak a nap in before he gets home. I sure hope his bout of insomnia passes. I'm too old for this and it has a terrible impact on my when I lose my beauty sleep. I swear I have dark circles under my eyes. Sweet dreams everyone.

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Judith HeartSong said...

oh a raise! Good for you!!!