Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Into each life a little rain must fall............

On Sunday we were painting some trim and I noticed that the metal pan under our water heater was full of water. I suspected the worse but kept thinking how could a water heater (I thought the one we had Rheem was a high quality water heater) only five years old be bad? Yesterday I called our neighbor over who is a plumber. He confirmed the worst, that we needed a replacement. The Rheem was actually still under warranty until next September but they would only give me $80 credit and it would take weeks to get one from them. If I went with the other brand I could have it this afternoon. Knowing that the whole water heater could spring a massive flood I went with the immediate replacement. I am still in shock that a water heater (gas) cost over $800 with installation. I was also shocked when the plumber said that they only last six or seven years. In my previous homes they lasted well over ten years. Thinking back they were glass lined and the new ones are stainless steel. Is this because we have tried to make them more energy efficient? Wouldn't the constant replacement factor outweigh the reduced cost of energy? I'm just too tired to perform those equations.
The really frustrating part is that we had saved some money to put towards our wood floor, that money will be applied to our new debt instead. I tried to tell myself today that we are fortunate to have a credit card to place the balance on. I was always taught not to charge things I couldn't pay off at the end of the month. It bothers me that I have three cards that I am carrying a balance on. I am working hard and being conscientious with my spending. Still, sometimes life just springs costly repairs on you and you have to roll with the punches. I'm trying to be more flexible and not tense up when these things happen.
I'm heading off to bed now and hoping that we don't have any more surprises soon. I still haven't figured out our taxes but I know we will be getting a refund again this year. Perhaps this weekend I can get the figures together for that.
In light of all the things that might have gone wrong......could have gone wrong...I'm glad it wasn't worse. I will always chose to see the glass half full.

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alphawoman said...

we moved from an older home, built in the 30's to one built in the 60's...man oh man, everytime I turn around something is going wrong in the younger house. The older home had its quirks, squirrels in the facet (is that how you spell it?), trees threatening to fall down, bats or birds flying around every so often (I never could figure out which I was so busy screaming and such)...but it was easier on the wallet in the long run. I have spent three times as much on this house as I spent the entire four years in the other. Go figure.

No, that is not Bridget's baby. though she does look like a natural. That is joe's daughters baby. there is some .... misunderstanding between the two of us, but it seems to be working it's way out. babies have a way of changing everything.

Good luck with the water heater. had no idea. We had to get one at the old home...it was around $500. F