Sunday, March 19, 2006

Nothing beats sitting in your pjs, reading and sipping tea......

For the first time in several days I am lounging. Ahh...what a good feeling. On Friday Rob took off and I had so hoped to make it to New York for the parade but that was not to be. I had many things to do that day, which I did, which included a wonderful dinner of Irish soda bread fresh from the oven and corned beef and cabbage. I have tweeked my recipe to perfection. Most people don't realise that this is NOT an Irish dish. I gave my recipe to a woman from Ireland that I work with.
Work will be very hectic this week. Our owner is in Utah on a vacation trip with her married daughters flying in to stay with them. Our office administrator had a death in the family and will be out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday leaving me in charge of the clerical aspects. Fortunately another broker is there and will take care of anything needing her expertise.
This morning I was finally able to lounge in my pjs. My favorite ones where the pants have summer flip flops in various prints. I'm a bit chilly but the cotton is so comfortable. I ran everyday this week except for the one day where I was home cooking and washing dishes and countertops nonstop. I finally got caught up on reading my emails and regular journals. I didn't take time to leave many comments.
It's great to be working and getting a paycheck but it's hard to fit everything in to the leisure time that is left. I don't have paid sick days or vacation days so I don't call out. Often I am running errands on my way in or on my way home. I had forgotten how hectic it can be and I leave most days at 3. Most of the woman who are there for the nine hour days only work two or three days a week. This week I will be working hours longer each day. I worked yesterday but will have next Saturday off.
I recently had an odd experience. We have an adorable new neighbor, J. She is from New York and engaged to be married in April. I have only spoken to her three times and she is younger than my son. The other day she came over with an elegant wedding invitation (nothing like anything I have ever seen before.) She invited us to her wedding. It's black tie and at a country club. Rob owns a tux, he bought it for OUR wedding. The only gown I currently own is the one I was married in. It is so far out of our budget to buy a gown for ONE wedding, and give a gift that would be enough to attend a country club wedding. I am wondering how to tell her this without hurting her feelings. When Rob and I got married we only invited people truly close to us and didn't even invite all of our relatives. Sometimes I feel that inviting people when they have to give a gift can be an imposition. I wanted people to know that was NOT expected. I would prefer to have people make donations to a charity in our honor. Now days it seems that people feel it's appropriate to invite someone they've met three times when the person would be expected to give hundreds of dollars. I think that's inconsiderate. Now, I will feel that I must give her a gift when I hardly know her. I just wish I wasn't put in this position. Perhaps she didn't want us to feel left out.
Rob recently found one of the most interesting things I have seen online. It's a man named Chris Bliss with a fascinating juggling routine. Please check it out:
Bit O Blarney Scroll down to
You must watch this and watch it! It will be especially enjoyable if you are a Beatles fan.
Now I'm off to try to find the paint and touch up some chipped paint that one of the furbabies scratched off. Have a great Sunday and a great week ahead.

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IndigoSunMoon said...

There is absolutely no better luxury than being able to lounge in your pjs. Ah, pure bliss!
Love ya,