Saturday, November 19, 2005

Devils Rule

It's a lovely Saturday here in Jersey. Had a great time last night at the Devils game and arrived home with a puck. They beat the Canadiens and it was an exciting game. They were tied at one point but our Devils triumphed. The one downside of the game was our seats. Although we paid $140 for them, and $10 to park we were in nosebleed land. Rob had taken care of getting the seats and I ASSumed (we all know what the root word there is) that he had used the Devils ticket office He had purchased them from Ticketmaster. Big mistake, they didn't allow him to choose the seats, just the general area. No doubt, we had the highest row in our area. It was 15 rows up into the top tier. I do NOT like heights. I cannot say that strongly enough. If you would like to know why I can tell you. When we were young children I tagged along with my older brother and his friends. When we lived in Norfolk, Virginia, my father was stationed there,my brother decided to pull pranks in a nearby apartment building. He would ring the door bells then hide by lying down on the stairs below the landings. One day I followed along and joined him. When I looked down ( I was face down)from the stair which was metal and like a gate, I saw the huge drop down. I became terrified. I could not speak or move. My brother went home and got my mother who carried me home. I couldn't speak or move for hours. That feeling has never left me. I have been to the Empire State Building many times but I cannot go near the edge of the roof. It's a terrible feeling. I did force myself last night to face my demon. I grabbed hold of the railing and slowly began the ascent to Mount Everest. My heart was pounding. My chest felt like it had a one hundred pound weight on it. At times I thought "I can't do this" but the adult subdued the inner child and I did. When I got seated I took an anti anxiety pill that I keep for just such emergencies. In time I began to relax and enjoy the game. It is disappointing that the good seats are so expensive now. I got spoiled. One of my wealthy friends had season tickets for the ninth row. Periodically she would give them to me and my son. They were right behing one of the goal nets.

On another topic, I am getting sick of some people saying that people were over reacting to leave AOL because of the banners. What some of these people do NOT know is that since those banners were implemented my technical issues went over the top. The first day they appeared ended my ability to post. For two days I was able to sign on through a different browser but now I can no longer do that. Often I cannot even make comments in other journals that are getting posted. It's not just about the banners, although that is a very valid issue. The crux of the matter to me is this: AIM people get free journals and with that, they have to bite the bullet and have the banners. John Scalzi wrote that the paying customers would not have the banners. What the poor business people at AOL might have chosen to do would be to give people an option of having the banners at a reduced rate. Well, AOL has made my decision to leave much easier for me. They have been unresponsive to my questions and complaints. No problem. Thank you Blog Spot for a banner free journal. I have had Verizon DSL for four years with no issues or technical problems. You see AOL, you needed me, I didn't need you. Companies who are successful should know that.


Judith HeartSong said...

yes... we all get to choose and ALL of our decisions should be respected. I would not dare criticize someone for staying... it is their choice, and I made mine. I felt I needed to make a stand and I did. Very simple.
love and hugs your way Lady.

megzie212 said...

hi nelle, im glad you still had an enjoyable time at the game. Im not too fond of heights either, although i do love roller coasters..i dont get that.

anyway, Im glad you did what is right. Its a pain that these ads caused computer chaos.

love ya, meg

Theresa Williams said...

Thanks for your recent visits to my journal. I really like the looks of yours--very pretty. I am looking forward to getting settled in here. I don't think AOL is going to take the banners off the blogs.