Monday, November 28, 2005

A day that kept going downhill

Did you ever have a day that just seemed like nothing went right?
That was my day today. It started nice and early when I got out of bed about 7:30 with a stiff neck. Drug myself downstairs for coffee when I realized that I could not remember how to get to where I needed to go for my mammogram. Called the place and got stuck in a phone system where you could not talk to a person. I was able to press a button and get directions, vague as they were. Was running late but managed to get there on time. I fill out the papers and they ask where I had my last one done. I tell them with the same group but at a different location. They want to know why they don't have the last one. I explain that a surgeon used them to remove a lesion and suggest they call him. His office claims they sent them back to the xray group. They promptly inform me after turning over the script that they will NOT do my mammogram. Why I ask. Because now that they KNOW I had a cancerous lesion last time, I must have a DIAGNOSTIC mammo instead of the screening mammo. Well, why didn't anyone tell me this I ask. They inform me that a doctor must be present for me to have the diagnostic exam. They will reschedule it for Dec. 8 and if I can't bring the old one, I must cancel.
OK...on with the bone density. By the way, since I didn't have both procedures done on the same day that means I pay TWO copays. Ok I say. I just want to get out of there and find where my old films are. I call the hospital where they did the surgery. Yes, the surgeon left them in the OR and they put them with my other Xrays. Thanks. I will go right over to get them. I called my mother hoping she would offer to drive. I am now so keyed up I was shaking. All the talk about cancer and the fact that they want a doctor there in case they find something has me a bit shaken. My father is yelling in the background. He is in a terrible mood, just like he was on Thanksgiving. I quickly hang up without asking her to go with me.
I get the to the hospital parking lot and spaces are at a premium. I spot a woman who is obviously on chemo slowly making her way to her car.I wait to take her spot. She took a long time but I was patiently waiting when someone behind me, I would guess her to be about 80 began to scream at me to get out of her way. I roll the window down and explain that I am waiting for the woman's spot on the right. She then throws her car into reverse and hits my rear bumper. I jump out of the car, with complete disbelief. I examine my car and it seems to have sustained no damage. Judging by her bumper, she has done this before. I tell her she needs to practice patience. By now my spot is clear and I pull in. As I walk through the area towards the xray file room, I see the blood lab and realize I am a week late in getting my blood tested for the coumadin level. I pop in and hand them my card. They inform me that the card has expired and I must go to registration again (every three months) and re-register. I bite the bullet and do it. Back to the lab and now there is a wait to have my blood taken. They finally do it and I make my way to the file room to find Doris, the supervisor who was the one bright spot in my day. I thanked her profusely for searching quickly so I would know if I would have to continue contacting other doctors instead. I can see that she is not used to being thanked.
I left there and decided to run into the mall and use a coupon to buy a much needed black belt. I get it and shoot home. I walk into the house and see the cardiologist's number on my caller I.D. Not a good sign that he called so quickly. I know he sees patients on Tuesdays. I call his office and the nurse tells me to hold on he will be right on. He informs me that my level is much too high. The INR level determines how quickly your blood will clot, or not. In my case, with an artificial heart valve you want the blood to be close to 3. I am usually about 2 - 2.5. Never 3. Because I have one of the newer valves, that's acceptable. Apparently my level today is just under 5! Never been this high before. I can't take my medicine tonight. He jokingly asks if I have been using my coumadin recreationally. HMMMMM NO.
What can happen with a level this high is many things, none of which are good. If you get in a car accident, you might hemmorage. If you get hit in the head you might. NO shaving.....anything. Be careful, no knives. If only I had a plastic bubble to confine myself to. I must get it rechecked next week. And he's lowering my overall dose. I hate this drug. Every other drug you take interacts with it. Last month I began taking Crestor to lower my cholesterol. It's possible that is what caused it to go so high. Whatever did it, I have to take a few common sense precautions for the next week. No knives.....I guess that means I don't have to cook for a week. There's always a bright side to everything. The trick is lookin for it. So, I am glad that today is nearly over. Glad that Rob will only be working until 5:30, not 7 as he had originally thought. Glad my car didn't sustain any damage. Glad that I found my elusive mammo films. No matter how bad any day is, there are always a few things that turn out OK. Now I just hope that my mammogram shows nothing. Time to have some tea and relax with my furboys.

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Virginia said...

OMG... you definitely had a day! So sorry to hear you went through all this. Sounds like the universe owes you some good good days now. You take care of yourself.
Peace, Virginia