Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another day of disbelief

It's been another day and I am still furious at the Powers that Be at AOL. I have given them an ultamatum. Ten days and if the ads are still there I am not just deleting my AOL journals but my accounts will be cancelled. I pay for one for my son as well. Having worked in customer service most of my life I am shocked at their stupidity.

Tomorrow I was supposed to go to school for a repeat of a class but I'm not going to bother. My friend is coming along and I'm going to my new hair person tomorrow night. She's going to try him as well. On Friday I work but then Friday evening I am thrilled to be taking my husband to see his first NJ Devils hockey game. It's a belated anniversary present. He was a Bruins fan when living in Rhode Island. So far the Devils are not doing that great this season. Often they start off badly then improve. Although I am glad that there is hockey to view this season, I have residual anger at them for what they pulled last year. I hope they can win Friday and rejuvenate my spirit.

I just figured out how to post a pic here. You go up to the top next to spell check and click on the picture icon. For all my former AOL buddies, be patient and soon we will be doing all the things here that we did over there. Maybe more. Remember that sometimes when a door shuts a window opens......we can be so busy looking at the door that we miss the window. Be open to new things. Welcome all my AOL friends who have joined me here. We will always be in touch because you have become for me a family of sorts. The ones that I chose.


Jimmy said...

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megzie212 said...

((Nelle)) Im glad your on here. Hope you have fun at that devils game with Rob. I know you two will =)

alphawoman said...

Welcome. I have been using this service for a long time as a shadow blog and also a different type of journal for me. Now it's Alphawoman for the time being. think I should change the name?

alphawoman said...

P.S. be sure to go over to Patrick's Place and have your new journal posted with all the others.

Laura said...

hi nellie.
i'm just another aol refugee. your blog made me smile as i have been moping about change and learning something new. i will be back and maybe we refugees can cheer eachother on.

IndigoSunMoon said...

I am in still in utter disbelief too Nelle.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

in disbelief here, too.

But, hopefully, even if the ads aren't removed, AOL will realize the impact it's had on us, and on the community.