Sunday, July 17, 2011

Retail Therapy

Last week my Mother got a check for life insurance from my father. It was a small policy and she decided to divide it amongst her five children. I thought that was nice but of course, it's difficult to enjoy receiving money under these circumstances. You feel guilty yet grateful.

Rob and I have had many things we have needed for a long time. Our favorite chair (a chair and a half) with the wonderful old world upholstery is worn out. The cushions are crushed and it would be so costly to replace them, it would make no sense to do it. Also, we are in a smaller house now and it's too big for the place we want to put it in. Yesterday we bought a much needed recliner. The cardiologists have wanted me to elevate my feet for years and suggested one. I always hated how large and bulky they were and yesterday I found one that was just normal chair size and would work for us. We bought it. Then we wandered over to the carpets and found a lovely new rug for the room so we ordered it. I love it. We then made our way to the bedding department and treated ourselves to a very good mattress and boxspring. It's very firm which is what both of us need for our back issues. The chair and sleep set will be delivered Tuesday. The rug will be shipped within the next few weeks. We then went to LongHorn for lunch. They have a salad I love there, the Sonoma chicken salad. After savoring our lunch, we went to the mall and I got a screen protector put on my replacement phone. I also got a better case for this one. It felt so good to have money and shop without worrying about bills coming later. I spoiled myself. We came home and had a nice relaxing evening. The surgery date approaches. I have yet to have my claim approved and the company tells me neither my employer nor doctors have submitted paperwork and that is my responsibility. I am not sure if I can get this all taken care of before I am admitted into the hospital July 25th. Trying not to sweat all this stuff. I am in such good physical condition, compared to where I was six months ago. I pray that in a few more months I will be getting stronger and better each day.



I hope you can tie up all the loose ends with the insurance before your surgery. It can be a real pain in the rear to get these things settled. I'm glad to hear you were able to splurge a little and buy some things you needed. Retail therapy is wonderful, isn't it? LOL

Ronni Gordon said...

When I saw your headline, Retail Therapy, I knew this post would speak to me. Glad you got some good stuff. Now get something nice for yourself!

Sounds like that insurance company is giving you a job you shouldn't have. Did you speak to your doctors about submitting the paperwork? They're the ones who will have to provide the medical details. My doctors always do it for me.

northern ireland insurance brokers said...

So sad to hear this from a such a sweet lady like. Insurance such a big help in times like this. Hope everything is well.