Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It's going to be a sweltering 95 today. I wonder what it will be in Florida since we are in the NORTHeast. On Monday my mother-in-law is taking her other son, and our niece to DisneyWorld. They have never been before and I remember when I went many years ago in July and knew I would never do that again. This is why Fall is my favorite season.

In my last post I mentioned reuniting with a friend and since then I received an email and later a phone call from our third friend. I am so happy. Believe me, I need all the joy I can find right now. My mother is feeling sorry for herself. Understandable because she lost her husband of 60 years just four months ago and doesn't know how to go on without him. My Dad made all the decisions. She has five children who would all advise her differently what to do. Two family members have had some differences and involved others and she gets pulled into it all.

On the bright spot my sister gave a wonderful shower for her oldest daughter on Saturday. It was in a nice restaurant and beautifully done. This niece is my Godchild and I got her the Emeril cookware on her list. Wow! The prices of the gifts are overwhelming compared to my original wedding shower so many years ago. (When I married Rob my matron of honor lived in another state and I didn't have a shower but since I had a house full of stuff, I didn't need one.) My niece got a Dyson vacumn and beautiful comforter sets, everyday dishes at $100 a place setting and china. On the way home my Mom said "to think that I received tea towels mostly as gifts." Different world back then. It was a joy to see her so happy and her sister who will be her maid of honor. I am hoping and praying I will be up to the wedding early September. Even if I am in a wheelchair because I can't walk far or huffing on an oxygen tank, I plan to be there. This is a picture of me with the bride to be. I scrunched over to put my head on her shoulder. I had a great summer dress but it was so cold there I had to have a sweater on the entire time (haven't replaced sweaters and they are all too big.) Have to wash the floor because my mother's pastor wants to come visit me and pray with me today. Yesterday I was short of breath again but I think it's because of the air quality and extreme heat. Stay cool everyone.


Sonya said...

Hi Nelle....it is so hot here too. Loved your entry about the shower. Happy for your niece. Hope your mom is coping with the loss. It is so difficult.


Glad you reunited with the other friend. I feel for your mom. It's so hard to be alone after all those years. Hoping the heat doesn't interfere too much with your breathing. Be careful. The photo of you and your niece is lovely. A godchild is a special bond. Sounds like she made out like a bandit at her shower. It'll make setting up house so much easier.