Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poor Air Quality but Beautiful Out

For two days they have warned of the air quality. It has been beautiful and sunny though. In the evening it's been cool enough to enjoy the patio a bit. For me I love the patio and watching the bird feeder and bird bath. Our next door neighbor has ducks and some of the tiny babies keep wandering into our yard. Rob leads them back (they follow him like he is the Pied Piper) and I even got a few pictures of him holding one. They make so much noise for their tiny bodies. Our pets are intrigued by them. They are contained in our fenced in portion of our yard so no threat to them.

I have had so many phone calls from the Univ. of Penn. Hospital. They pay attention to the smallest details. I should be admitted a few days before the surgery as I will need to go off of the Coumadin but instead be put on Heparin.
For those of you who are latecomers to my blog, I have had this surgery previously, with my aortic valve. It's a big surgery and the normal procedure is for them to cut through the sternum and wire it back together. Some people say it is not very painful and others find it to be very painful. It seems that more people who receive tissues valves (such as bovine or porsine) have an easier time of it. I have a mechanical valve and will be receiving another. I ran into some complications with my last surgery and I ended up in CICU for over a week. (I had been told that I would be in the hospital for a week total.) After I left ICU I spent another ten days in a step down unit. I experienced hallucinations after being given a sleeping pill and ripped out all my ivs. I was confused and when their was a power failure and I was on a ventilator I became so panic stricken. It's not just the physical that you deal with. I do believe I am going to the best place and will be using top notch doctors. The doctor who will be performing my surgery performs heart and lung transplants. He is prepared to deal with problems.

I continue to do very well with breathing. For the first time in months I am able to leave my house without an oxygen tank and it is indescribable the joy I feel when I just walk across a parking lot without gasping for breath. I swear that I will never.....never ever....take breathing for granted again.

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It's wonderful to hear your breathing is so much better. And that you are able to sit on the patio and take in everything outdoors. The ducks sound adorable. I hope this surgery goes smoothly and that your new mechanical valve will be without the complications your first one had. Also, you should be prepared this time round for the emotional triggers that could cause problems too. You'll continue to be in my prayers. Take care.