Thursday, June 02, 2011

What we have here is a failure to communicate....

Good night! I have waited home for three days to get everything squared away with Univ. of Penn. The doctor's secretary has been trying to set it up but she had no medical knowledge and was not able to answer ANY questions (although she was a lovely person.) My doctor didn't give the doctor ALL the information from the report and there is something that I think might deter him from proceeding. Yesterday I spoke with his nurse who assured me she would get the answers for me. Still waiting. I did take my cell phone and go out and have a pedicure and lunch (salad with avocado and a freshly made balsamic vinegar dressing that was yummy.) I felt pampered. It was a good day. So I still wait for the answers to a few questions but for right now it looks as though I will be admitted June 8th with the procedure on June 9th. The mere thought of this makes me feel faint. A girl's gotta do what she has to do and I have to do this. My back is so achey where the chest tube was. It's badly bruised. Give me a minute to get a little cheese for that whine. Baby Bel. :)

It was GORGEOUS today. Sunny with a breeze and high was just under 80. WE might have dinner on the patio. It needs a little cleaning first. I have to have meals on the patio in this weather, especially anything on the grill. The other night Rob made the most delicious peppers on the grill. Cutting carbs from my diet was not nearly as difficult as following a low sodium diet. It's in everything. The only way to avoid it is to make everything fresh or frozen vegetables. I love tomato sauce and that is loaded. Trying to find some with low sodium but so far no luck. There has to be a market for this. I love Hebrew National 99% fat free franks but they are way over the top. I don't know if I will ever enjoy a grilled dog again. Maybe an occassional bite. Eating out is even more problematic since they don't give sodium information on menus. When watching the cooking shows they are so liberal with the salt. I do use sea salt but still I am so restricted.

Have I mentioned lately what a wonderful spouse Rob is? Yes, like me, he is not perfect but he tries. He has been giving me my evening belly shots. They hurt and I hate them. It's easier for someone else to do it. Rob gets along great with my son. He doesn't try to parent him but gently explains at times why I do things. My son worries about me like a mother hen. He wants me to follow his rigid vegan diet (which doesn't include fish, eggs or dairy.) I try to explain we all have to do what is right for us and respect the choices others make for themselves. He wants me to drink coconut milk. If I'm having coconut milk I want a pina colada not cereal!

I'm here and I'm doing okay. This will pass and I will get through it. After all, I am bionic.


Cynthia said...

My daughter gently does that to me too. The last time she was home, she made over a gallon of a spicy, vegan tortilla soup, more vegan spaghetti sauce, and a half gallon of coconut milk. I can occasionally tempt her with some gouda.


I hope your answers come soon. All you can do is wait. I hope this procedure delivers the fix you need. Glad to hear you pampered yourself a bit. You deserved it. I have been using no additional salt in my diet for over 40 years. I season the food with other spices. It's good you have a strong support system in place to help you. Take care.

Virginia said...

Salt is about the one thing I don't have to avoid yet. Although a vegetarian, I eat eggs and cheese. I would not be able to manage protein without those options. Too many vegetarian options are also high carb.
I hope your procedure goes very very well and you get to recover quickly and enjoy feeling well.