Monday, June 13, 2011

Home Again (Finally)

I was admitted to Univ of Penn Hospital on June 8th and was discharged last night about 5:30 p.m. I wanted to sprint my way out the door but Rob insisted I leave in a wheelchair as it was a hike to the parking garage. He was so right!

I had the cardiac catherization on both sides and another procedure done which I won't go into. I was awake for the entire nearly two hour ordeal, but the staff was wonderful and comforting throughout. I was given lidocaine at the sites where the incisions were made and a mild drug to relax me. The doctor spoke with me immediately, confirming what we thought to be so. My mitral valve was damaged with the infection in 2009 and now meets criteria to replace it. It is causing the pulmonary artery to have high pressure and my body is making a lot of fluid to compensate. Most of the fluid removed was already being replaced. They gave me some great drugs to get about ten pounds of fluid or more off of me. I feel wonderful again (except for soreness and fatigue.) Now a team at that hospital has to examine my hospital records to see how to proceed. My lungs must be determined to be able to stand a surgery if necessary. There is no point in trying to make one thing better if in turn another organ will be injured. Whatever they advise me to do, I will do.
One very disconcerting thing that happened was on Sunday morning. My roommate (whose lung was filled with fluid) passed away. I was talking to her a few minutes earlier. They rushed me out of the room into a private room. I think I went into shock and the rest of the day I was just barely functioning. I was so happy to come home. I keep thinking of that dear woman though and feeling that perhaps I should have done something more to help her. I kept reassuring her that when I was full of fluid I was in the same distress. They tell me she might have had something more wrong with her.
Well, I am beat. I went to the local hospital for a blood test, made phone calls all day and made a run to Target after getting my oxygen delivery.
Time to relax now. All in all it was a great day to be alive today. Thank you God.



Glad to hear the procedure is over and done with and that you're back home where you belong. As things move forward, you can be confident you have the right team of doctors on your side this time. Hang in there. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Virginia said...

We are all glad you are back home!!!