Thursday, November 04, 2010

Greetings and Salutations

I haven't been blogging much. Truth be told, I have been so tired that I am barely making it to work each day. Many, many changes at work. The first two years I worked there I had the same boss. I went out on disability (2nd bout of pneumonia) and returned to a new boss. Out again three months later and when I returned, yet another new supervisor. Huge adjustments for me. I have been back about four months and just gotten used to this supervisor when she announced last week that she has been promoted. Not even sure who our new boss will be. Her assistant is going out for the month of December and I am nervous about who we will go to with problems.

Last week I had a doctor's visit then the sleep apnea study. I was so tired at work last Friday I could barely function. This week has been another stressful week. Last night I came home, just wanting to relax and Rob went to my mother's to pick up something. He returned with check. This was some of her money from her mother's estate. I understand inheritance but I would much rather be given money from someone during their lifetime. I have decided to do a few good things for others with at least part of the money. I have a friend who just moved into a modest home (I cried all the way home after seeing it.) I am going to find her Mommy and me aprons for her and her granddaughter. I will also take her baking pans and supplies for her to make Christmas cookies and I will take everything for them to make a gingerbread house. I will have vicarious pleasure. Perhaps get some pictures of them which can begin an album for Kayla. Kayla lives with her Dad who has custody of her. She is a young six years old and started school this year. It's hard for a little six year old to understand why Mommy doesn't show up for things like other Moms. Her Grandma plays a key role in her life. I think Santa will leave a few things hidden under her Grandma's tree (perhaps another gift.) For the first time, I am excited about Christmas this year.

Fox was off of our cable station for nearly two weeks. They are finally back and I am going to view tonight's shows. Tomorrow is Friday. Can't wait.

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