Sunday, October 17, 2010

Still alive and kicking

I guess it's been two weeks since my last update. Sorry but life is moving so quickly and very unpredictable right now.
Work has been chaotic and stressful. Last weekend my aunt came to visit my Mom for about five days, then my sister came for the weekend and on her last day here my older brother came from upstate New York.

For awhile my back has been in pain. Not a sharp pain but a constant ache. The worst time was when I woke up in the morning. I couldn't even stand up straight. Last Saturday I went to the doctor to see what, if anything, could be done.
He referred me to an osteopath which I saw on Wednesday. He told me that my muscles all along my spine were very tense and some in knots. He did some manipulations to help them relax. He also prescribed anti inflammatories as opposed to the muscle relaxants the first doctor had prescribed. I began taking them and when I woke up the following morning I was in so much pain. I was wondering about the saying things get worse before they get better. The next day and since then my back has improved significantly. I go back to him in another week for a follow up visit.

This weekend was very low key for us. Rob didn't feel well Friday or yesterday. He slept a lot more than usual. We did go to the grocery store this morning for things we desperately needed but other than that it's been all about vegging.

Our Cablevision is really annoying us as well as it's other customers. We overpay ridiculously and they never give credit even when it's due. Our DVR makes noise constantly and their tech told us that they all do this. Now they have lost all the FOX network shows which we watch. If this isn't rectified by early next week I will switch to the dark prince Verizon Fios. All these companies are ridiculous. It's okay for them to overcharge their costumers but when they are faced with paying out top dollar they put a message on asking customers to complain to the station owners. I am not bundled because I refuse to have a phone that might not work and I pay a ridiculous amount of money just for the cable tv.
I am willing to walk away after this being the third time we have gone through this with them.

Well, time to sit back and veg a little more before the work week begins. On Thursday afternoon I see my lung doctor again. My lungs sound good I am told but I am still very short of breath.


Alix said...

Hey, hope you are feeling better. I really like the attitude of not just surviving, but thriving!

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Life is very unpredictable, you're right. Let's hope that BACK of yours is feeling better soon. Back pain is the worst. Knock on wood, I've never had trouble with my cable service. Hopefully yours will be trouble free soon. I'd switch if you can. Glad to hear you got lots of family time in. It helps with all the craziness in the world. You have a good week at home and work.