Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Busy Day

Wednesday was a busy day for me. Once a week my nurse will be coming first thing in the morning to take blood. This blood test shows the levels of the drug in my body and whether it might be too much. Because the line is used to receive the drug, they must discard blood first drawn then draw several more tubes. When I saw how much blood came out, I felt ready to be transfused. This blood was quickly put into an iced container that Fed Ex came to pick up and transport overnight to the lab somewhere in the south. It's hard to understand all the insurance contracts with different providers. I am absolutely thrilled with the company they are using for the nursing/infusion. There are people who call me constantly with updates and the nurses are wonderful. I am very concerned about germs and they take every precaution. The line which comes out of my arm is basically a tube coming out of a hole. It must have a dressing change at least once a week in which the area is cleaned with alcohol. You can imagine how this burns. Then it gets covered with a tegaderm which is almost like a Saran wrap but sticks tightly to your skin. The portal hangs out and must be tucked up under something like a net stocking to keep it from being pulled.

Yesterday after the nurse left I had so many errands to run and also spent about an hour on the phone with the doctor's office. We had to discuss when I would be returning to work. Although financially returning now would be ideal, it just isn't possible. My morning infusion takes about two hours and so does the evening one. They are given twelve hours apart. This means the second one takes place from 8:30 p.m. until after ten. In addition, the nurse comes once a week (which is after nine a.m.) and on Fridays I get a delivery of the supplies, including these balls containing the antibiotic which must immediately be refrigerated. I will have to take pictures and post them. I am fascinated at how they make this so user friendly. When these treatments stop, the line must also be removed. It was decided I would return to work after the New Year. It made me sad in a way, but right now regaining my health has to be my top priority over everything else.
After the phone call I went to my mother's to pick up a bank deposit to make for her. She surprised me with fried tomatoes. How I love them. I used to sprinkle them with sugar but felt that an artificial sweetener would not be good so I had them plain and they were very good. She then gave me a small piece of cheesecake and I was on my way. After stopping at the bank drive thru I went to the grocery store. I just needed to spend about twenty-five dollars more and get my free turkey. I carefully added what I was getting and went to the check out. I'm sure people would have found it strange had they been watching me. I am not allowed to pick up more than ten pounds with my right arm with the PICC line in it. It's sore and I think five pounds would be difficult so I am picking up everything with my left arm. I proceed to the check out and the check out person asks me if I would like to redeem points on the roaster chicken I have picked up for dinner. Sure. She then checks me out and tells me that I am three dollars short of reaching the goal for the free turkey. Then I realize that the points I just redeemed messed me up. I pay for those things, and ask her to watch my cart so I can run back and grab something for three dollars. I quickly find a spice I need and run back. Have to wait in line behind two people but then pay for the spice and get my fifteen pound free turkey. Order is returned to my world. I think go out to the car with my plastic bags (I use recyclable cloth bags but I have forgotten them) and load this all into my trunk. I get home and again with my left arm carry it all in the house. It's not really that much stuff and only the turkey is heavy. I just get it all put away when I received two phone calls. One from my ex husband's cousin who I have not spoken with in years. The ex changed his phone number and somehow he tracked me down (didn't even know he knew my new last name) to ask me what had happened and if I had his new number. It was nice to speak with him. Just half an hour later a cousin I had seen at my grandmother's funeral called me. We chatted for a long time about various members of the family and he told me about a web site he is setting up. I may contribute stories about my great-grandmother.
My right arm is very sore. Although I tried to avoid using it, you just can't. It was a long and tiring day but a good one.
At Thanksgiving time I find myself thinking of all that I am thankful for. There is just SOOO much. Each and every day I am thankful for the gift of another day. I am grateful for another Thanksgiving. I am most grateful for the family and friends who show me the love. Even the small things are great when done in love.



Glad you got your FREE turkey. It sounded like it was such a chore for you to shop and unpack the car using just one arm. I'm sorry the strain was felt by the other arm... And that you're now in pain. I had knee surgery and understand the limitations. It was nice your cousin called and you could catch up. Little things do mean alot. You have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and count your blessings.

Ronni Gordon said...

Hi Nelle,

As for your last post, yes you are one tough cookie. I fell behind reading blogs because I went to NY and stayed at my aunt's with no computer access. Sorry you're going through this but glad you have an answer now and you can take action. Happy Thanksgiving. Glad you can "feel the love."

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