Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Round with Illness

Last Monday I left work with a terrible sore throat. It felt like it had razor blades in it. I woke up Tuesday and decided I could not go to my job and speak all day on the phone with my throat hurting so badly I could not swallow at all. I had another ordeal to deal with. The IRS had sent a letter saying that my 2008 taxes were never paid. I had ignored that first letter because I KNEW they had been paid. Well when I received a REGISTERED letter from them Monday evening I learned otherwise. Thankfully I was able to call them on Tuesday. What I learned was that my accountant had sent me TWO sets of vouchers (which get submitted with payment.) One was for the full amount to be paid now and the other was a set to PREPAY for 2009 the amount divided by four. I wrongly assumed that the four vouchers were the choice of making several payments instead of one big payment. They told me that they would put a hold on the account. They were going to levy us. I told her that I would get the money to them ASAP. Thankfully I had an emergency account that I could take the money from and send it. Here is what I consider to be the ridiculous part though. Once I explained and they realized what the problem was they said the money could NOT be moved from one account (2009) to 2008. I explained we will not have this problem and the money would not be due then as my husband was out of work half the year. "Sorry" she said "but you did send the payments with the vouchers you did and wrote the voucher numbers on the checks as well."
I called the accountant and at first I was annoyed. I reread the letter accompanying the vouchers and there was a reference to the vouchers but for someone like me who had no idea, I don't believe they explained it adequately.
He offered to try to assist me but I told him since I had been threatend I was not comfortable doing anything other than complying. A few days later the logic of the thing hit me. I should have known money for last year would be 2008 NOT 2009. So next year I should be receiving a nice tax refund. Unfortunately, if I run into an emergency that won't help me.
But I digress..........getting back to work. On Wednesday I went in and managed to blow my nose several hundred times and annoy all my coworkers that I was there. They all know the strictness of our attendance policy. The one girl who was first sick (and was there each day for five days coughing and sneezing and spreading germs) is a single mother. She cannot afford to lose her job for too many call outs and our boss told her if she left sick it would count against her.
The boss got sick first. He came to my desk several times and then by Tuesday I was pretty much sick. Somehow I made it through Wednesday but Thursday I woke up feeling rather dizzy. I had breakfast, went to work and seemed okay until I stook up to walk somewhere. I slumped to the floor, feelilng I was passing out. I came into the meeting room and my boss and coworkers were concerned. I was wheezing when breating, my nail beds were purple and my hands were shaking. They asked if they could call 911 for me. I begged them not to. I got my doctor on the phone who told me to come right in. She was upset when she saw me saying I should have come in sooner. My chest sounded like the right lung had pneumonia again. She gave me meds for pneumonia and sent me to the hospital. The hospital said I did not have pneumonia. She put me out of work Friday. I am still running a fever, coughing uncontrollably and worried about not going to work. I wake up at night, soaked with sweat. I am just never catching up. Because of the attendance policy so many sick people are at work. This causes other people with health issues, such as myself a major problem.
I have been awake an hour. I need a snack and more sleep. I am hoping to get better. All summer I didn't have one day for the beach. All my work times goes to sick time.


Susan C said...

Your company's sick policy is so absurd.

Hoping for a quick recovery from this round.

Ronni Gordon said...

I had a voucher confusion too. I had it marked on my calendar as due Sept. 15 but I couldn't find the voucher. So I sent the amount to the address I found on a copy of an old voucher paid to the IRS. Then I found the voucher and realized I had to send it to the state. My accountant said I need to send it to the state and that I can't get the amount back until I file my taxes in April...if I ever see it. Thanks for reminding me. I kind of forgot to send it.

Hope you feel better soon.