Friday, June 15, 2007

It is hard to function. We are not eating or sleeping normally. Today I was driving and when I returned home there was a police officer who pulled up behind me. He asked if I knew why he had stoppped me. No. He proceeded to tell me I was going way over the speed limit and passed him and then had failed to signal when I turned down the road. I explained to him that I am detached from myself. I explained that just one week ago today my sister-in-law who had been promised a year if she had the surgery that she had six weeks ago was performed. I showed him her prayer card with the date. He advised me not to get out of the car (hmmm okay) and he ran all my information. I guess I was fortunate that I had a perfect driving record because he decided just to ticket me for not wearing a seat belt. I know I should be grateful because I would have had points and insurance surcharges. Instead I just think of the $50 I will have to spend.
I feel numb.......that is when I am not crying so hard that I have pain in every limb of my body.
Thanks officer for being a human being.

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