Monday, August 29, 2011

The Weekend

The newscasters really felt Irene was going to do some rather heavy damage here. Thankfully, little was done except for some people losing power (most already have it restored) and some road flooding. I realize that if your road is one that is flooding and cutting you off from getting to the next town, it is anything but a minor nuisance. One neighbor lost a tree but we did okay. The rain and wind was strong Saturday evening and I slept through the night for a change. Normally the sound of rain hitting the windows keeps me awake.
Rob and I had someone come in on Friday and put a pull down door and attic stairs in for us. Since we don't have a basement we rely on our attic to hold holiday decorations and such. The contractor did a marvelous job and the stairs are metal and sturdier than the wood ones. I have not been in my attic since my first heart surgery as I could no longer pull myself into the attic. This will be a great help to Rob and I. The downside was this was in a walk in closet and we had to remove the clothes. I wasn't able to carry more than two hangers at a time so my Mom came and did a lot of moving my clothes. Some of my clothes are twenty years old! I always used to buy quality things and take good care of them so they are still in great shape, although now that I can fit in them again most of them are "out of style". Although I buy more classic than fad clothing, shoulder pads? Oh no, I forgot how badly they looked. I filled three bags for donating. Trust me, there is plenty left! My clothes vary in sizes. I have a wedding September 10th and my dressier dresses are all too big and would need alterations. I am debating between two of them. They are both black but one is an empire style with a hot pink bow/ribbon and the other is piped in a lime green but has a full skirt. While I can get the top altered on the later I cannot get the skirt taken in. I've already had the bodice taken in.
Each day finds me with a little more mobility and a little less pain. The nights can be troublesome as I move in my sleep and that can wake me up. The pain meds or Tylenol have worn off and getting out of bed is tricky to get some more.I can keep them on my nighttable but need more water anyway.
I am doing so well. More later.

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I am glad you weathered the storm. Some people weren't as fortunate, you're right. Those NEW stairs to your attic sound really nice. It's good when you can make a task easier. Both of your dresses sound lovely, too. You have to go with the one that really puts a spring in your step. You know what I mean? I'm happy to hear you have a little more mobility and not as much pain. It takes baby steps to recover. Take care of yourself. You are in my prayers.