Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Update

Today my former boss came in to see a few people and get her mind off her troubles. Her hand is bandaged. She was telling me she left the housefire with only the clothes on her back. Someone had given her jeans, a blouse and a winter coat so she had something to wear. It was good to be able to give her a big hug. Afterwards I left a bit early and went to Target. I was able to pick up a few items on sale for her: a bathrobe, pair of pjs, shawl type scarf (she had them in all colors) and a giftcard for some makeup. We are having a pot luck celebration on Monday and giving our secret santa gifts then so it will be nice to have a gift for her. Some of those participating in the Secret Santa asked for gift cards to give her. I requested an ITunes card knowing she was given an IPhone by the company which was lost, along with her laptop, in the fire. She can at least download music into her phone.

This Christmas has been better for me than last year's. My biggest problem though is parking and walking into stores. Unless I can park VERY close I am unable to shop there. I try to go into stores which have carts I can lean on. This helps so much with my walking. It also makes it so much better when I don't have to carry items. This includes my heavy pocketbook. Although I keep trying to lighten it, there are so many things I feel I must have with me (a diabetic tester, strips and lancets, various medicines, an inhaler, a wallet, a two inch thick packet of cards with doctor information etc., hand santizer and individually packaged wipes.) These are things I just don't feel comfortable leaving at home. I have tried putting all the information possible into my new phone, including doctor appts on the phone calendar. This is helpful but I just can't seem to do without the other items.

I have not had my teeth cleaned since June of 2009. The reason is that during that cleaning I became sick with the heart valve infection which it took about 8 months to discover. I am nervous about doing it, but I must. I have had my teeth polished at the dentist but I am talking about the gum cleaning. I will be on antibiotics for it, stronger than I previously took. My appointment is Dec. 29. I know I have to do it sometime and I have procrastinated enough. Time to just do it.

It has been bitter cold here, 21 during the day and it was 0 at night. They are talking about a Noreaster Sunday. We shall see. Have a good weekend. I only have a few minor things left to get. It's almost here.



You have plenty of holiday cheer for a person in need. That's what the season is all about. It's better to give than receive. I too have to park close. But instead of walking... I use the scooters when I go shopping, since my knees are so bad. Have a wonderful Christmas.

alphawoman said...

What a terrific friend you are, Nelle.