Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas and a Thirty Inch SnowStorm

By Christmas Eve I was really under the weather. I had off work that day but I just laid around most of the day. Also we discovered that our leaking faucet was now not only leaking along the top and spilling onto countertops but the hot water was leaking below. We called a neighbor over who had been a plumbing apprentice so we thought he could show Rob what to do. We had the new faucet it was just getting it installed. Pic of new faucet on left. He was not able to do it saying we needed a special tool but he did try to rem

ove something making the water leak below much worse. We had to cut the water off. We went to bed early then woke up wondering I would be making Christmas dinner. My mother had my sister there making a turkey but I was not up to going there. My mother's house is way up on a hill and on my best days climbing all those stairs wears me out. So I put the ham in the oven and hoped for the best. Called my sister and her friend was coming there for dinner and I knew he did a lot of his and her home repairs so I asked if he or my Dad might have the tool. She said they would eat and be here around 2 and yes, Dad had that tool in the basement. We waited and waited and when they were not here by 5 I called another neighbor who was a plumber before he became physically disabled. I explained we didn't want him to do anything but lend the tool. A short time later he and his wife showed up with the tool and Rob began the process. It went rather well all things considering. Once he was in the thick of it my sister and David showed up (of course.) The faucet is wonderful with a sprayer that pulls out OR you can just push something in and it's like a shower in your sink. It was a good choice for us. By the time our neighbors left, hours later I was exhausted. My sister then left and I felt sure it was midnight but it was only eight p.m.! We had only had some ham for dinner (no sides).We had a slice of cake and went to bed shortly.

My Christmas was different but honestly it was one of my better ones. Rob surprised me with a Kitchen Aid Artisan and since I love to bake I was thrilled. Had wanted one for years but couldn't commit to a color! He chose my favorite and it looks great.
The day after Christmas we got hammered without about thirty inches of snow. Both of our companies closed so that was good we had an extra day off. Our biggest problem was making a place for Duffy to go to the bathroom. Rob created a zig zag of sorts. The next day our roads were really bad and so was my cough. I decided not to attempt work which was all back roads. A family member with a 4X4 took me to the lung doctors. They tested me on a machine and told me that I was wheezing again which is usually a bad sign. I have bronchitis and they want to make sure it doesn't become a pneumonia. He gave me the pneumonia antibiotics and an inhaler and sent me on my way. If the wheezing doesn't stop I am to call him and he will give me steroids too. It is already somewhat better.
I took off this morning to go to the dentist using vacation time but I was not up to it and it's a long trip there on roads which still need more plowing. I am going to work half a day (1:30-5:30) today and a full day tomorrow. Then my Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. Yes! Time to use that mixer. Since it's green my friend, Simone has dubbed it the McMixer lol.Green is such a relaxing color but I am surprised at how many people do not like it. Several of my friends love orange which is not a color I like. To each his own.
Well, I want to wish all of you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!
In 2009 I had pneumonia three times and had two lengthy hospitalizations. In 2010 I had it one time and a two week hospitalization. My goal for 2011 is NO pneumonia and NO hospitalizations. I am making progress each year. :)
Have a wonderful weekend.



Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR. My fingers are crossed you'll be healthier in 2011.

Judith HeartSong said...

I wish you happiness and greta health in 2011 my Friend.

Althea Tumlin said...

Whoa, that was quite a Christmas you had! I’m sorry that you spent a good part of it sick, but at least you got a new faucet with a sprayer! Anything new is always welcome at Christmas, haha! I do hope that leak hasn’t returned since the new faucet was put in.

Anonymous said...

Well, that certainly seemed like a very busy Christmas Eve because of a leaking faucet. Well, at the very least, you did get the leaking fixed. That must have been a reassuring consolation for you. Did you get to achieve all your 2011 goals? Also, what are your goals for 2013? I think you should also set some by the end of the year!


Carmella Vancil said...

I’m sorry to hear about your dreary Christmas Eve. I’m glad that things turned out well for you in the end though. I’m also glad that you got a faucet with a sprayer. It makes doing the dishes a LOT easier indeed! It’s a good thing that the leak was taken care of as well. I know it can be particularly frustrating, and actually quite risky; a leak left alone for too long could do a lot of damage.