Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Americans have a dream. As we struggle with our concerns for our finances right now and our life investments which seem to be slipping away, we have united and elected a President, who I hope and pray and believe ,will lead us slowly back. Pray for him. I only wish that all those who fought so hard for Dr. King's dream to come true could have seen this day. Dr. King your dream, to a large degree at least, came true last night. I am so proud to be an American today. I am also proud of the dignity shown by John McCain. Although I did not feel he was the right person to lead our country, I do feel we should honor him as a war hero who served our country with such bravery. He showed real class last night. I respect him more now than ever before.


alphawoman said...

Seeing the tears on Jesse Jackson's face tore me up. I can only imagine what he was feeling and who he was thinking of. I think his face told it all, everything every African American was feeling that night.

Nelle said...

That was one of the moments that really moved me as well. I think I cried for half an hour. I then went online and rewatched the "I have a dream" speech on Utube.