Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rainy Weekend

It was supposed to rain the entire weekend. We got a small reprieve this afternoon and my chaffeur drove me to Target. Or as the French call it TarJay.
Found just the accent pillows I had been looking for to make our new sofa a bit cozier. I had purchased others that weren't right and when I got home was happy to see they were a great fit color wise.

I have been having some issues I have been struggling with regarding health insurance. Of course each year my employer has made some small changes. One I hadn't realized was that we have a five hundred dollar IN network deductible that is applied to either hospitalization, diagnostic testing or outpatient surgery. The rub of that is that I will be paying that in December and then in January it starts again for the new year. I have considered delaying my surgery for a month. Family members at first said nothing then several days later they all went into hyper mode saying it was not a good idea. I have agreed to have the surgery December 10th and just not agonize over the deductible and coinsurance which won't count towards next years. My husband will also be going on my insurance for the first time so those changes had to be made. If he finds another job, which I'm sure he will, I will have to keep him on my insurance all year. Actually, that might be a good thing because this plan is better than what he has had. So much hinges on insurance and it is my deepest hope that President elect Obama will fulfill his promise and do something about this. My portion I pay is high and many of the single mothers I work with cannot afford it and have their children on state insurance. I tried to comfort myself yesterday by rejoicing over the drop in gas prices. I filled my tank for under $30 for the first time in so very long. My parents have offered to help me with the expense of this surgery. That is a big change for them.

I plan to go enjoy a cup of tea and open a magazine and do something I rarely do but need to be doing a whole lot more : RELAX. I hope you have a relaxing weekend too.


alphawoman said...

My Step daughter had a baby last Dec on the 27th. She was damn tooting she was having Nash before Jan 1 due to having to pay the deductible again. I hope all goes well with your surgery. BTW, I filled up yesterday and it was $26 and I had to share my joy with a woman filling up next to me!

IndigoSunMoon said...

People dont seem to realize how our insurance companies are basically "screwing" us right and left. First your co-pay at the doctor is 15 bucks. Then it goes to 20 bucks. Now it's up to 50 bucks. When you have as many doctors as Susan has it adds up, and fast! I hope and pray that someone will put a stop to this price gouging by the insurance companies, because I know damn good and well that they are making money out the wazoo!