Sunday, March 09, 2008

Beware the Ides of March

I was so looking forward to March......last weekend I woke up very sick. I was out of work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday seeing a doctor on Tuesday as well as last Saturday. Despite the fact that I had my flu shot I got the flu and a sinus infection. It has now moved into my chest and I have the nagging cough that makes people give you "the look". Yesterday I finally made it into the grocery store for just essentials and that wore me out. Today we went out for lunch and then planned to go to get Rob jeans and then candles. Got the jeans and I rushed him out of the store and back home where I could curl up in the comfy chair and finish reading Eat, Pray, Love.
Very good book and I know I will reread it when my head is clearer. We had planned an elaborate dinner but I couldn't handle that either. I need a good week of chicken soup and foot massages and pampering. I am working full time though and that is not to be. We were supposed to get a raise that has not yet come through. I was relieved to learn that I will be working 8 hour Mondays instead of the ten hour Mondays I had been working for a few months. That will help.
I got my significant other sick....I warned him to retreat to the guest room but he wouldn't. Luckily for him it didn't hit him nearly as hard and he seems pretty much back to normal.
I am weary and ready to take my cough syrup and call it a night.
I am hoping to wake up tomorrow feeling better and I am getting bitten by the travel bug.
Once I get my bills paid off...............................
my last visit to the emergency room left me owing about $400 and that is WITH insurance.
Fortunately my own insurance has kicked in since then and no ER visit can cost me more than $100. I can rest a bit easier knowing that. Good night. Sleep tight.

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