Sunday, March 16, 2008

There's a lot of noise in my head.......

I have been so tired the past few weeks. I got the flu and it knocked my socks off. It started in my head and then after about a week when I felt the end was in sight moved into my chest where it is remained a thief of sleep and energy. I missed three days of work two weeks ago then managed to go in for two. My coworkers were not happy to see me. I felt somewhat guilty being there but the previous days were unpaid except for one. I got looks as I coughed. I assured them I was on antibiotics for over 72 hours and had no fever. I can be fired for missing too much work and my boss has been very understanding. The following week after coughing most of Sunday night I went back to the doctor and missed work last Monday. A prescription for cough syrup was about all I got...and reassurance that the flu could linger on another week or more. This was not what I hoped to hear. The cough syrup could only be taken when I did not need to be alert.
That meant at bedtime. I had to drag myself to work each day and endured asthmatic bronchitis while trying to asssist customers on the phone and devouring Halls and emptying box after box of tissues. Today I am still dragging a bit and yet I have so much to do. My taxes have not fully been assembled and I don't even know who will be doing them. I have a pile of clothes for the cleaners and errands to run tomorrow on my day off....after I attend mass at 9 a.m. I pray for healing. There are many things I want to do and it's hard to do any of them when I am still fatigued and actually sore from coughing. It does seem better today and I might try to run a few errands I was unable to do last weekend.
I hope none of you have caught this terrible bug. In the Northeast doctors say it has been a terrible flu season. To think I HAD the shot! Well, much to do including seeing that my cotton sweaters get properly laundered today.
Happy Sunday!

IF you want to see me performing the River Dance I'm the one with the longer black hair.

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