Sunday, February 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to you..............

Happy Birthday to you...............

Happy Birthday dear Rob

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

******Today is Rob's birthday and I committed to making it a birthday celebration weekend. Saturday morning started with a trip out for breakfast at a local cafe which was fabulous! Next we went to Best Buy and I purchased a flat screen TV for this wonderful man. This picture is eight years old but he really likes it so I used it for this tribute. I am happy to report he weighs twenty pounds more than he did in this picture I took of him at his cousin's apartment. The weight agrees with him.

We arrived home and got the TV set up and picked up a new high deff cable box complete with DVR capability. Oh yes, life is good! Rob has thoroughly enjoyed it and as though that were not enough good stuff our cable company is giving a FREE sample of NHL Ice, the hockey channel.

One of the great perks of working is being able to do this kind of stuff. I am putting in 45 hours a week. It's a lot for me. I am having my meds tweeked and undergoing some unpleasant side effects and I have days where I wonder if it's worth it. At work I have made some wonderful friends and the young male supervisors are so helpful and supportive. On Friday I was exhausted and when we realized we would be stuck there nearly an hour longer because of the cue, one of my coworkers/friends came over to give me a big hug. Ivette, you rock, girl!!!!!

I never thought I would meet someone who was so loving, supportive and wonderful as is Rob. Many days I arrive home exhausted and it seems like we don't spend any time together during the week. I feel badly about that but hopefully I will get an early shift next month. Until then, just know that you have made my life something it hasn't been in a very long time. I hope that each birthday will get better for you and that life will get better and easier for us both.

For all that you have done and continue to do on a daily basis, I am grateful. I love you babeeeeee and I pray daily that the best is yet to come. :) OX

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