Friday, July 06, 2007

I wanna know have you ever seen the rain coming down sunny days?

Today it was sunny and we had a rain shower. How appropro. This week has been one of the worst I have had in a long time. I met a wonderful couple who I liked very much. They were in the market for a very expensive house and they finalized it to two choices. They told me they would call me that was several days ago. I have since learned they have done this with two other realtors and never come up with money when needed. We all believe they have the money and I am hoping that it will still fly. Let's say I am guardedly optomistic.
My parents spent the past few weeks at their house they just built in upstate New York. It's been cold there. On Thursday morning as my mother was packing things up to head back to Jersey my father appeared to have some small stroke. His face contorted and he was visibly confused and unsteady on his feet. My parents called my brother who came and PRAYED for them. Not took him to the hospital a few minutes away but then sent them on their way for a five hour journey home. My mother called all the other children but me to tell them about it.
I learned as my other brother and sister called to ask me to go over and persuade him to go to a hospital. By the time I saw him he seemed okay and he refused to go to a doctor or a hospital.
I came home and it was nearly bedtime. I was so exhausted but this was weighing heavily on my mind. I dozed off until a giant clap of thunder wokened me. We had one of the worst lightning and thunder storms I have ever witnessed. I tossed and turned and I heard my neighbor's car leave around 1 a.m. I wondered if something was wrong. An hour later her husband's car left and I became more concerned which led to me tossing and turning some more. In the morning I discovered that my engine light was on in my car. Took it to a mechanic who turned it off and it came right back on. Apparently this means something serious. Since I just put over $600 in it last week I was hoping I would be alright for awhile. Not so.
I was exhausted and came home after checking on my father who again refused any kind of medical treatment or evaluation. I fell asleep and promptly my phone rang three times, two of the calls were asking me why I was not there observing my father while my mother was in Maryland picking up my grandmother. I gave up and went back to my parents house. On the way home again a few hours later I noticed that my mother-in-law had called my cell phone while I was sleeping. Rob was home then and I had him return her call. She needs a new pacemaker. Her one that is three years old has stopped working 75%. If it stops completely she will lose consciousness. She was going into the hospital today and having surgery tomorrow.
We had a huge dilemma. Do we go? Well, my car is not reliable right now and cannot be taken. Rob's vehicle is a truck, very uncomfortable and very costly gas wise. We thought he would go alone. WE have made several phone calls and her sisters are telling us they are on the case and that she will be upset if we come. She is planning on being here in about ten days. They are not having to open her chest totally as the wires are alright. Just replace the pacemaker under her chest. I am so overwhelmed right now. I am concerned about her, my niece, my father, my lack of steady income, my lack of sleep which has become so bad it's impacting on my health, my car repairs which may be outrageously expensive and my current physical problem. I am retaining huge amounts of fluid and have been put on a drug for that. I need some tests to make sure my valve is functioning properly. I cannot face the possibility that it is not.
I am sick of hearing myself and I fear that anyone who reads this will feel the same. I have never had so many things go so least not for a very long time. I just don't know what to do to have even a sliver of peace right now.

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