Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Waiting Patiently....

I've been so busy since I've been home from the hospital. Mainly going to the hospital to have my biliary tube flushed and dressing changes and to see all the doctors who are taking care of me which include a surgeon, my pulmonary doctors, my cardiology team, infectious disease doctors and an occasional visit to the radiology place for an x ray. Last week I had to see two doctors/facilities on one day a few times. My blood thinner has been way too high because of being on antibiotics so that has required extra visits to the cardiology office and/or lab.

Overall I think I am doing well for what is happening. I have lost another 18 pounds in the past month. Fortunately, I had extra weight that I could lose. I still have a few more extra pounds that I will probably drop over the next few months. My appetite just isn't there. When I do eat it's really small portions. Sometimes I think something sounds very appealing but when it comes to eating it, I just can't. This is especially true with meat. I can manage small amounts of grilled chicken or part of a burger but that's about it. I am existing on salads and toast or small sandwiches.

My biliary tube is quite a nuisance. It's sewn into the skin of my belly and if it gets tugged it hurts. When I go weekly to the hospital for them to flush it and change the sterile dressings it's quite unpleasant. Fortunately, I have had someone to drive me each time as when I leave I have to merge onto two major highways. This would be difficult to do while in pain.

I saw the surgeon last week and he said that when he sees me again on April 23rd we will set the surgery date. He wanted to wait the full six weeks because I have had a fever that has recurred along with a wheeze in my left lung and a cough. They want me to be in good condition for the surgery. I so look forward to not having the drain or the gallbladder anymore. I cannot shower while I have this tube either. It's too vulnerable to infection. Sponge baths just don't cut it. No matter how often you have them. I know this is just an inconvenience and a few months from now I should be back to normal. I can't wait. I took care of my taxes today. Trying to get everything in order so I can relax. Each day I get more EOBS and medical bills in the mail. When it's all said and done I will owe thousands. One day at a time.

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Who knew a gallbladder could be such a pain in the rear. I learned this years ago myself. But your situation is far more dire because of all your complications. I know you'll be glad when it's finally out. HANG IN THERE. You've put up with it this long, just a little longer and it will be gone.