Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston and Frustration

I am usually a peaceful person. In the past I was a pacifist for the most part. I no longer feel that way. I am angry and very frustrated. I am so angry that a wonderful man, Mr. Richard lost his 8 year old son, will have to see his young daughter deal her entire life without a leg (she was an Irish dancer), and we don't know the extent of his wife's "head injury". All this hell and so much more created by these fanatical cowards. The anger comes from this: this family came to the U.S. under the guise of needing political asylum. We granted them that and we gave them welfare. These "YOUNG MEN" (not what I would choose to call them) took a scholarship, took up room in colleges while other decent kids were denied getting in. Their mother was convicted of shoplifting. The older brother I have read had a YouTube account promoting their fanaticism. This was for years. WHY were these people given the asylum in the first place? Why were they allowed to become citizens? Why didn't the FBI take the warning from another government seriously? Oh so many questions.

I have lived and worked hard and paid taxes in this country for nearly sixty years. ENOUGH of letting so many people (from questionable areas and backgrounds) in. Shut the doors. Lady Liberty says "Give me your tired and poor" She does NOT say "give me your fanatics and zealots". We need to wake up in this country. When I was younger the thought of a terroristic act in this country was unthinkable. Since 911 it's happened over and over. We can't protect the children in our schools right now safely. We need to padlock the doors for now and get our ducks in a row. Not sure how to do that but when 170 Americans and injured and 3 killed, along with the two police officers, we need to say "ENOUGH!" I also suggest deporting the remaining family members once someone from a "political asylum" family is found to be a terrorist.

You may feel I am overreacting but if so, look at the videos again. These boys WATCHED the victims. They told their friends they hated Americans. The next time a terrorist attacks it might be someone in your family who is their victim.

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We are resilient as a people. BOSTON was STRONG. So sad what happened there. you can't dwell on it. We must move forward.