Monday, September 03, 2012

Taking in a Stray

Last week one day a bag appeared with this little fella and a post it note attached: "I am looking to be adopted. Will you please take me in and give me a good home?" Well how could I say no? I wanted to name him Corny since he has candy corn buttons and similar body. His name tag just says "CAT" but Rob wanted him to be Otis so he is Otis D. Cat. Isn't he charming? I love folk art primitives and so does my sister-in-law who sent him my way. She has one just like him and a smaller one too. I had admired hers so much last year that we she went back to Lancaster she got me my own.

We have a lot of Halloween decorations but first I want to bring out the Fall items. It's raining here today so it would be a good day for it. We have taken a really laid back weekend here. Went out to dinner for our anniversary. I wasn't feeling great that day but we had a nice dinner and Rob surprised me with a bouquet of gerbera daisies and I gave him a pen handmade by my cousin's husband. It's really beautiful in dark blue and turquoise. He makes hand tooled pipes and pens. The pipes look like Native American peace pipes to me.

Well, Rob is finally awake. I let him sleep in this morning as he has gotten up early every other morning. It's been a nice 3 1/2 day weekend for him. We have caught up on reading. I have finished the last book of The Hunger Games series. I started a new Jodi Piccoult book.

This Thursday I have my nuclear stress test scheduled. I am not looking forward to it at all. The Philly PH doctor agreed that it should be done. Perhaps they will find out something new and helpful.
Happy Labor Day.



I love the kitty cat. Too cute for words. I think the name suits him. ENJOY. Keeping you in my prayers for improved test results. GOOD LUCK.

Ronni Gordon said...

Cute! I thought from the headline that it would be a real cat or dog. This one will be easier to care for.