Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Drowning in a Sea of Paperwork

Yesterday was so frustrating. It started out with me having to run several errands and it was pouring down rain. While I was on my way to the vet to pick up the dog's heart worm medicine, I noticed that the light on my dash was blinking indicating tire pressure issues. I had just bought new tires about a week ago. I ran to Costco after picking up the meds and they said they would check it out for me. They found nothing wrong and reset the light. We shall see what happens with that.

I got home and found a bill for a physician's visit for my husband. That visit was a joke because the doctor's staff had not seen that he had received the test results done in their facility. We sat an hour waiting for the results to be faxed and finally the doctor indicated that we might as well leave. There was no consultation or exam. I called the billers and explained. When Rob came home and I told him about this he told me that the facility had called him and told him that the test had been defective and he needed to do it over again. I was floored. I immediately called the manager of the facility and asked her what was going on. She was in the dark about it but promised to get in touch with me once she had the information. I advised her that our copay for the test was nearly $400.00 and if their equipment was defective that was not OUR problem and we would not be paying for a second test. I am waiting to get a callback today. I also received a notice from our health insurance that one of my providers had advised them I had Medicare in addition to my private insurance. NOT SO. I was so angry and of course by the time we got this information the provider's office was closed. I called them this morning giving them half a dozen examples of claims which had incorrect information on them. They are investigating this and will get back to me.

I find it very sad that while I am dealing with my illness I have to deal with all this other stuff as well. Doesn't anyone do their job correctly anymore? Doesn't anyone have common sense enough to realize that if their equipment was defective the patient should not have to pay a second time?
Come on. I have begun a three page letter to the hospital asking them to look into all these issues. The test was done back on March 17th and we are just now learning there was a problem? My copay was required to be given the day of the test. There is zero chance I will be paying again.

I have to go get my INR checked today. That is to make sure my blood thinner is working. Good thing they are not checking my blood pressure today. I'm sure all this stress is going to work against me. I am trying to relax but it will be a lot easier once I get some answers. The only acceptable answers are "We fixed the problem." and or "It will cost you nothing."


alphawoman said...

It sounds like you need a calm relaxing afternoon. Those type of problems are a headache but usually get straightened out in the long run. Think of you often and you are in my prayers every night.


You're having the day I did earlier in the week. They CANCELED my health insurance. Long story short, finally got this resolved. But not without alot of time, words and energy spent. And a hospital and doctor waiting for payment. There is NO WAY you should have to pay for that DEFECTIVE test. And what's with the LONG delay telling you??? SERIOUSLY I agree with you, the HEALTHCARE situation is in shambles. People who are dealing with illness should NOT have to be railroaded like this. We have had to have lights that have gone haywire on our car reset too. And usually don't have the problem they were blinking about. Hope yours holds. take care.

Virginia said...

I am convinced it is their job to see, to find any way possible, to avoid paying what they owe. I am cynical. I believe the system is completely corrupt.

Sorry this has happened to you.