Wednesday, May 09, 2012

My Week

This has been another busy week and it's only Wednesday. On Tuesday I found a Popeye's chicken place not so far away and took my mother for a Mother's Day treat. She loved it and browsing through a Salvation Army thirftstore afterwards.

Today I go with Rob to see his specialist at the sort of local hospital, at least it's in New Jersey. Before going there I need a quick blood test at my lung doctor's office. On Friday I am going to the local hospital to have the fluid drained from my right lung. I am a bit nervous about it. If the procedure goes well it's not that bad. They numb you with a needle that is about the length of a shish kabob holder. They are only supposed to take one litre of fluid out at a time (must wait another hour to take another.) The first time I had it done, things went well and just over one litre was removed. The second time was a different story. They removed one and a half litres and there was a lot more fluid there so they put a chest tube in. That procedure was very painful and I ended up with some broken ribs. Having the tube in while trying to sleep and move about is a lot to deal with. The fluid goes into something that looks like a plastic radiator. If they collapse your lung while removing fluid, you also get the tube to help it reinflate so the possibility of getting a chest tube exists. That is what concerns me. (That and the fact that I had to go off of my blood thinner to have the procedure done.) After the procedure I will have to take some painful belly injections to thin my blood more quickly. I get to administer those myself and they burn.

If I do need the chest tube, I won't be coming home Friday I will end up admitted to the hospital, at least for the weekend and until the tube is removed. I want to be home on Sunday, which is Mother's Day. I have already done my part and my sister will be here to take my mother out on Saturday for dinner. If I am home, they will pick up a cake and bring it here on Sunday.

In any event, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers. In my book, if you care for furbabies you qualify as a mother. I know the loving care I give my boys here. Like children, it's not considered work but a labor of love but you worry about them the same as your children.



Happy Mother's Day to you, Nelle. I hope your wish comes true and you get to be home to celebrate. GOOD LUCK with your procedure on Friday. You'll be in my prayers. Hope everything is okay with your hubby. Take care.

alphawoman said...

Happy Mothers Day. Praying for you this afternoon. hope all goes very good!