Monday, May 14, 2012

Moving Onward

I am so glad my procedure went well and is now behind me. They numb you but they put pressure to get the fluid out and I am bruised. My stomach looks like I was beaten because of the stomach injections I have to keep the blood thin until the coumadin gets high enough to stop them. I am still sore and achey. I have had this procedure done three times and each time is different.

I had a good Mother's Day. We went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch and then we used some gift cards to get great deals. I had used the charity rebate at Macy's and had a gift card for $46.00. I also had a Macy's coupon to get $10 off if I spent $30. I found shorts and a nice top. With the $10 off and the $46 gift card I paid $6. We then went to Sears with a $30 gift card they had given me. We had a lot of problems getting a minor part for a new appliance and I complained. It pays to let them know of a bad experience. We used the gift card and added just $9.99 to it and have a  new weed whacker. Our old one was about ten years old and not doing well. My son came and we got him a new phone at the cell phone place. They had quoted him a  price of $130 for a NONsmartphone. I told him no way! I got the manager to give it to him for $60 with a $30.00 rebate. We picked up two small cakes and a pie and went to my mother's. We had a nice visit there before coming home. I hope everyone else had a good weekend.


Barbara said...

I'm so glad your procedure went well!


alphawoman said...

So happy everything is going so well. Happy belated Mothers Day.