Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We got the tree up! Rob put it up Wednesday night and I decorated it in short sports of effort on Thursday. When he came home it had all the ornaments and garland on it. I was also baking sugar cookies and he helped me. I make the same sugar cookie recipe all the time. I have cookie cutters for vaious holidays and it's a standard. I get requests for them. This year I did colored sugar for some but frosted and decorated others. I should have taken pictures before putting them in the tins. We decorated them with white or red frosting and the Wilton bags with tips. My angels were very pretty with tiny decorations that look like pearls. So yummy.

I was supposed to go to rehab today but just couldn't as my legs were in so much pain (a known drug side effect.) I was up for hours during the night. Rob called about 11 a.m. saying he felt ill and was on his way home from work. Right now our gifts are purchased, tree is trimmed and cookies are baked so we can relax a bit. I am giving fewer gifts this year. Does anyone else feel annoyed, as I do, when you see commercials where they are giving diamond jewelery or a new car? PLEASE!!! In this economy where some people have no jobs it's just wrong to imply you are not a good spouse if you are not giving a gift like this. I cannot imagine how materialistic some of the kids who view these from birth will be. Because I am home and get bored (or don't feel well enough to do anything other than watch tv) I have watched some of the Housewives of shows....some of these women are unbelievable. A man presents a ring to his wife and she can't thank him until she adds up the diamonds and tries to estimate the carats. I actually wonder are they kicking this up a knotch or two for the camera? I hope so. They attend/host charity events that are a joke. Not that much money seems to be made and the focus is on what they are wearing or eating and gossiping about those not there. When it comes to their affairs the sky is the limit. One group was critical of another member because she doesn't work and has three nannies and other help. I have to wonder what would happen if they had a real problem to deal with (well at least not one they created.)
My sister is coming Thursday. That leaves us three days to visit and shop before the Christmas Eve celebration at my brother's house. They always have everyone and a huge spread of snacks and desserts. I'm doing a Christmas dinner with ham, with my sous chef's help. :)
Hope the sun is shining in your little part of the world today.



I am glad everything came together for you. And the Tree got put up and decorated. Sugar cookies are always part of Christmas. I bet your angels were very pretty with pearl like decorations. All the others sound nice too. But I have a thing for Angels. Runs deep. Sounds like you are organized and ready to get this Christmas show on the road. I still have a LR to clean up. Used it as a staging area to wrap gifts. Never watch those CRAZY women. They seem so superficial. I bet they wouldn't rejoice if their husband got them a GOOD book for a gift, instead of something dripping diamonds. Give me the book. I'd find more comfort in it. Take care.

Missie said...

I hate those commercials too. I've known anyone who could buy their spouse a brand new car and give it as a gift. LOL