Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Adcirca is here!

I got the approval and my drug arrived today. At 3 p.m. I took my first dose. If you want to know more about that check the new blog with the link in my last entry.

Rob and I went out last night and I had a drink. I will only be allowed to have 4 ozs. of wine once a week from here on. The alcohol affects blood pressure and so do the meds so they discourage drinking. We went to Chili's and a got a snack. Also went the mall and splurged on a new down comforter. I tried to be more economical and get a down alternative but it didn't compare. I got a Macy's coupon and it was only $50 more to get the real down and well worth it! We had ordered a red duvet cover a few weeks ago but when I got out our cold comforter it was in bad shape. Besides, they know make them much bigger and there won't need to be a tug of war while we are both sleeping! It's hard enough to sleep with a Cpap mask on without trying to get my fair share of the comforter.

Today I went to rehab and then came home but was exhausted. I changed the sheets on the bed and managed to get the new comforter into the duvet. I still have cookie dough waiting to be made into fun shapes and decorated. We have yet to put our tree up and Rob is out now picking up a few groceries and looking for some things he wants with Chistmas money from my Mom.
That's about all the news for now. Supposed to rain tomorrow and maybe I can get Rob just to get the tree down and together. I have all day tomorrow to decorate it and work on the cookies. Hopefully I will have a good day.
Hope you will too.



I am so happy that insurance came through for you and you'll be able to start the new medication. It'll make all the difference in the world, if it does what it's suppose to. I hope you can handle the side effects, if there are any. The down comforter sounds so luxurious. I bet it's nice and warm. I'm glad you were able to treat yourself to a night out. Sorry to hear about your trouble in rehab. Got to be careful you are still in a fragile state. Hope you get the tree up. If not a little tabletop top one will do the trick without all the trouble. Take care of youself. As always you are in my prayers.

Missie said...

Lookie! I'm catching up! I'm so glad the meds arrived. I really hope they help you.