Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Wind Down

Had a really bad attack of IBS in the wee hours of the morning but I was able to go back to sleep finally about 5 and slept until 9. got up and jumped right into what needed to be done. So many errands: took new jeans I got at TJ Maxx to tailor to have about three inches cut off the pants legs. It's hard being 5 2. Rob drove me and we stopped in a pizzeria and I got a salad and he got bruschetta pizza that looked so good. After that we ran to the grocery store and it seemed we just did a fill in kind of order but it still came to $120.00. I did get two bouquets of fresh flowers that I love. Sometimes I just treat myself because I do work hard for the money. We came home and I loaded up the dishwasher and turned it on and started in on the laundry. While that was going I sat down and paid bills. Amazing how quickly $1600.00 goes out the window. A mortgage payment and a few other bills add up quickly. I was happy to see that the hospital refunded me $100.00 on my credit card. I also made a call a few weeks ago and got my primary insurance to pay $250.00 for a bill they processed as out of network. Come on guys, you paid to have a line put in my arm but then want me to pay to have it removed? I am on blood thinner and didn't think having a home health visiting nurse yank it out sounded like a good idea. Last time when it caused a major problem you spent thousands on an ER visit so this was a bargain for you. Really.

Next I cleaned out my refrigerator and sent dinner over for my parents. Chicken and biscuits which Dad loves. Also fresh cooked green beans. We had dinner and I just got done with the clean up and the laundry is about ready to fold now.

Rob has also been keeping busy doing things for me. He put the garage back together after I dismantled an area to find a box to mail our nephew a birthday gift in. Adam was so happy with what we sent and pronounced me a shopping goddess. I got him a nice pair of jeans and hooded flannel shirt from Macys and Rob got him two books he loved.

Not sure what's on the schedule for tomorrow. We did most of what we needed today so maybe it will be a day to kick back and take it easy although we never seem to actually do that. There is always just too much to do on the weekends.

Hope you are having a good weekend. It was 88 today but tonight it will cool off. I so welcome the cooler weather.

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Sounds like you've been busy. Remember to take a break and smell the flowers. LOL I love bouquets of fresh flowers too. There is just something about them, isn't there? I may penny pinch, but not about them. Unfortunately, I have to keep them up high, out of the prying mouths of kitty cats or they'll be ruined.