Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Header for My Blog!

I am so excited I got a new header for my blog. Yesterday we went shopping and I got Photoshop Elements. I had been dying to get something like this. The actual full Photoshop Version was $699.00! Can they be serious? I have wanted to try to spruce up my blog, make it more personal and possibly make some graphics. When we got home my husband decided he would play with it. He studied tutorials for hours and then came up with this header which I like very much. He has also made me one for Valentine's Day but I will wait awhile before unveiling it. I think he is onto a new hobby during his unemployment phase. It is time consuming to make them. Especially as you are still learning. I also came home from work to a fabulous dinner of pork chops with a marinara sauce on them and delicious green beans.
Tomorrow is my mother's birthday and I am picking up chicken on the way home and we will be going there with a cake and chicken.
This weekend I treated myself to my first visit to Sephora. I got the starter package for the Bare Minerals make up. It is a wonderful make up. Previously I never worried about make up but I am at an age where all kinds of things are going on which are disturbing when I look in a mirror. Since I work with a group of twenty and thirty somethings I have to kick it up a notch in my presentation. They do tell me I have style. Guess that's something to be grateful for. Well time for a nice cup of tea and a bit of television. I worked hard today...Mondays are always difficult. So glad I have a warm home, a loving husband and my fur babies to come home to. It's ALL good.


Missie said...

I wish I had known you wanted it, you could have downloaded it from the internet for free. The full version!

Your header does look great!

jennifer said...

I LOVE the header!! Rob does good work.

Nelle said...

I did try to download the 30 day free trial but it wouldn't work I think there was a bug in the download.
I am hoping to get various headers to change around from time to time. I love the signature on your blog.

alphawoman said...

It is soooo cool!! I have photoshop Elements from 2004 or 5 and I had no idea you could do this kind of stuff. Of course, I never read anything...hahah!

Ronni Gordon said...

The new design is beautiful. I'm impressed. It was all I could do to follow the basic blogspot designs.

Thanks for another beautiful card! You are very sweet. It is hanging on my wall.