Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is There a Hotel for Oversized Kitties?

My husband will be leaving tomorrow to go see his family. Why, you might ask, am I not going? For one thing I do not travel well. Especially in cars. I actually enjoy flying and getting from here to there quickly. I do not enjoy my husband's frustration when we get stuck in traffic. I also really need a few days to unwind from work and if I spend them travelling on Monday I might have to be committed. Seriously. Then there are the pets. Today I feel that I should call them beasts. This is what happens when a dog person marries a cat person. I have a lot of patience for a dog, who I feel is man's best friend. Compassionate, tail wagging and grateful for the pat on the head. The cat has this crazy idea that this is his house and we are his servants. Strangely, at times this does to be the case. I have been woken up at 5 a.m. nearly every night for a week. The cat is beautiful. He is very tall and long and the vet says he is not overweight, but not to allow him to gain any more weight. When I wake up at night with no feelings in my legs because he has used them as pillows (as in body pillows) I am not feeling like embracing his neediness. He is like a cement statue that only moves when someone musters all their strength and shoves him off the bed. We sleep under a toasty down comforter with our heat turned down to 65. Most nights I will not emerge to catapult the cat. This has left me sleep deprived. Even on weekends I am never asleep past seven a.m.

We have a nice set up in our garage for the cat. He has a thick large bed and on top of that a cat tee pee. That has another mattress inside of that. I won't put him in there when it's in the teens outside though because it's very cold. We have finished sheetrock in there and insultation on the door but it's still very cold. This desperation has lead me to wonder...are there kitty hotels? Are they reasonable? Mama needs a break. When my son was little I remember thinking how wonderful it would be when he would be grown and I could sleep through the night. It never occurred to me that pets could cause this kind of problem.

IF you are thinking that the vet could give me something to sedate them forget it. I already asked him. He said no it would not be good for them. I hope you feel really guilty if I die of sleep deprivation, Dr. Scott. I hope someone mails you a copy of this entry and you at least send me flowers.

I love animals. Lucky for mine. I just keep thinking that the cat is already 9. Time for him to sleep through the night. Either that or we might have to heat the shed and set up his own place for him. Perhaps that has been his plan all along.


Susan C said...

This post was hilarious!

IndigoSunMoon said...

My advice for the sleeping thing. Large cage...small litter box...bed, and the other end of the house. LOL

Oh, and by the way...that is one beauty-ful cat!

Ronni Gordon said...

I am totally a dog person and do not "get" cats. Sleep is so important! I would get that cat off the bed and somewhere at the other end of the house with all the doors closed so hopefully you won't hear it!

Missie said...

This entry was so funny. I get to sleep with not only my husband, but two dogs and two cats. If you find that animal hotel, let me know! LOL

Nelle said...

For all those who suggested putting the cat at the other end of the house is a square with an upstairs and a downstairs. It has a very open layout. There is no room I can put him in that I cannot hear him. Did I mention the house is small too? That is why we thought the garage would be a perfect choice. Although it's under my bedroom with doors shut we don't hear him too loudly. We even cut a hole in a very expensive new door for his door for litter box access.