Friday, June 27, 2008

Just a brief update

The past few weeks have been so hectic. At work they keep changing things and that is stressful. You are always monitored for quality and when things keep changing that can be difficult. Still, I am so grateful to have a job with good benefits and a steady paycheck, especially in this economy.

This past weekend we learned my father, who was vacationing at his home in upstate New York had a medical crisis. He had three seizures (in which he bit his tongue badly) and was not coherent for over a day afterwards. They rushed him to the local hospital where he was put in ICU. That was fortunate since his heart actually stopped during his first hour there. My one brother lives locally with his wife and grown daughter and my youngest brother happened to be there with them along with his wife. They told me not to come and I kept in touch constantly on the phone. Early Monday morning I spoke with my mother who said they had found something on his lung. Since the tumor removed from his liver was cancer the doctor felt this was another tumor related to that one. On Monday I walked into work and told my boss what was happening. He immediately told me to go be with my father and not to worry about leaving. I immediately called Rob and he left his job and we drove the 268 miles to the hospital. When we arrived he was still in ICU but seemed in much better shape than I had anticipated. By the following day he had improved so much that he was taken out of ICU and put in the regular section of the hospital. The spot on his lung turned out to be pneumonia. His potassium was completely gone as a result of ten days of chronic diarrhea caused by a medicine a doctor had put him on for Krohn's disease. He also had a bad infection. Antibiotics, many bags of IV potassium and stopping the medicine worked wonders.

While up there we got to see Seneca Lake and my older brother's home for the first time. I was sorry I didn't have my camera with me. We drove home late Tuesday evening and I was back at work on Wednesday. My father continues to improve. What an amazing recovery.

This weekend we are off to Philadelphia to take part in my best friend's daughters wedding. I am excited. The downside of going away is always leaving the pets. Our dog is very shy and doesn't like other people coming here and us leaving. While we were in New York my sister-in-law took care of him. We have a neighbor who will be taking care of him over the weekend for us. I love this dog but it makes it so difficult for us to go away and sometimes I envy people who have the freedom of just packing a bag and going. I am going to try to find a kennel for him.

Well time to get ready for work. I am leaving early today so I can get my nails done for the wedding. They look so bad. I also need to pack and frankly I am tired and want to make sure I go there rested. Hotel service, oh yes! I am overdue for a bit of pampering.

Hope your weekend is a good one!

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IndigoSunMoon said...

I am so glad that your Dad is ok Nelle! I hope you enjoy your time at the wedding!
Love you, and be safe!