Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gallbladder saga part two

I am now on somewhat of a schedule. Way too busy honestly for someone recuperating from surgery. On Mondays I was having my blood level checked to see if it was thin enough. On Tuesdays I see my surgeon at the wound care clinic. Thank God they numb me up with lidocaine before he touches the wound. He removes the top layer of skin that has healed and it is not fun.
I was mistaken about the parts unhealed being only an inch deep. They were 2.5 deep. Last Saturday I got the wound vac. They stuff a spongy product into the wound. It's very strange. The following Monday the visiting nurse came and felt there was way too much bleeding so she called my surgeon and told him. Since he knew I was already anemic he insisted I go to the emergency room to have my hemoglobin tested and if necessary, to have a transfusion. I had to find a driver first which I did. When I arrived I was shocked that on a Monday afternoon there were 100 people in the ER in total. Took awhile until they got me set up and blood drawn. The resident came in and said that they were afraid I had blood clots in my lungs because I was so short of breath. I was so NOT happy at that point. I pointed out that I was on IV heparin or the coumadin (closely monitored) and felt it was not possible. They wanted to do this scan which involves getting dye which is not good for your kidneys. I took out my cell and called my lung doctor. She came to the ER and basically took my side. The blood test showed that I did not need a transfusion however the chest x ray showed a partially collapsed lung on the right side. This is what was affecting my breathing. Ugh. No wonder the oxygen didn't help. Had I used the piece of breathing equipment that they gave me after surgery? No, I hadn't. So I came home that evening. On Tuesday I saw the surgeon and he said he saw some signs of healing that he had not before and was encouraged. They put the wound vac back on and I was on my merry way.

I have visiting nurses coming on Thursday and Saturday to change the packing and check my vitals. They have decided to test my blood saving me the Monday trips to do that. They lecture me on eating. I have been home from the hospital some two weeks and am down about ten pounds. I have no appetite. When I force myself to eat I get indigestion. The surgeon tells me that this will work itself out. I hope so. I am kind of housebound not being able to drive. This past week one of my friends came for a visit. That was nice but by the time I had to put lunch together for us I was shot. People don't realize how a major surgery takes such a toll on you.

Rob has been working Saturdays. This is extra hard right now because I rely on him to do so much. My mother lives 5 minutes away and is willing to drive me to an occasional doctor visit but she does nothing more. Rob gets up at 5:30 a.m. for work and after working in a warehouse all day comes home and has to prepare dinner. On weekends he vacuums, cuts the grass, etc.
I feel terrible that I can do nothing right now. I am still in a lot of pain. While the wound is healing I'm told it's still about two inches deep in four spots. My cut is diagonal and you can't move without it hurting.

Rob's in the shower right now and we are going to go for a drive somewhere to get me out of the house. Haven't been anywhere since Tuesday. Maybe get lunch somewhere. I will be so relieved when the pain eases and I know the wound has healed. The surgeon has assured me that one "problem" on the CT scan is nothing to worry about. They found a hiatal hernia which I will have to see a gastroenterologist to treat when I can drive again.

Oh for a boring life!!!!

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Your life is anything but boring. But it is tragic to be sure with your never ending health problems. I hope this all resolves itself soon, so you can find some comfort and peace of mind.