Monday, January 07, 2013

A New Year

It's been awhile since I have written an entry and there are many reasons for that....
Christmas had me overwhelmed with the blues this year right up until a few weeks before. At that time my spirits slowly began to lift (to which I credit the loving acts/visits of several people.) I made the decision about two weeks before to put up the tree, although I was not feeling enthusiastic. My son had the flu and was down and out for about ten days. He was not able to be around me and I had to be content to drop a few bags of things off at the door of his apartment. My breathing was problematic and shopping was difficult. I made an early decision that I would not be prepping or hosting a large meal or gathering. I received a turkey already so I decided just to cook it with minimal sides. I did bake about six batches of cookies. A few days before Christmas my doorbell rang and my thoughtful cousin sent me a lovely greenery centerpiece for the table, complete with candles. That brightened things up. Although we had the tree up we didn't do much more in the way of decorating. Fast forward to Christmas Eve. That afternoon I was feeling down and my sister and her daughters showed up at our door at 11 a.m. That was one of the best visits I have ever had with them. We had a good time and I talked about a lot of things going on that had been troubling me and now my adult nieces were giving me advice (good advice at that) and being very supportive. They encouraged me to get ready and go to my brother's that evening for his celebration and gift exchange. I did and had a wonderful time. The following morning Rob and I got up and opened our gifts. My son who was much better came over and opened his. We had a nice breakfast of Belgian waffles. I made the turkey dinner (with few sides and it was so much easier than my usual) and around four thirty my mother, sister and her "friend' came over and we had a nice visit and dessert. It was a very nice Christmas.

I saw my sister's girls and son-in-law the following day for several hours as well. Haven't spent that much time with them in a long time and it was wonderful.

A few days later I got sick. I figured I had the now wide spread flu in the area. When I began running a fever and my chest began to hurt I called my lung doctor's group. They called in an antibiotic and had me go for a chest x ray. The following week I wasn't better and I went in to see my lung doctor who said I had a bacterial infection on top of the flu. She prescribed medicines I put into my nebulizer, some stronger antibiotics and a few over the counter items. I am doing a bit better now but this flu has wiped me out.

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon. Just hoping Rob doesn't get it.
Happy New Year!!!!!

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