Friday, September 16, 2011

Rob's scribble and more

Firstly, Rob did did a "scribble project" (he loves to draw) and they posted it on the website along with some personal information about us. Please check it out: Scribble Project. I was very touched by it.

Last Saturday was my niece's wedding and we had so much fun. Of course, I missed dancing (way too painful and too risky if someone bumped into me) so I kind of moved a bit in my chair. It was on the beach and lovely, the temperature and sky were perfect and some seagulls quietly attended. My sister is a very private person and doesn't want anything written or pictures posted about her. I respect that so instead I will post a picture of Rob and I attendees. I had this dress altered and it was still too big. My weight seems to have stabilized now but I am down about 40 pounds from the winter and had lost 30 pounds the previous year. Having to give away most of my clothes. I had saved some clothes from about 20 years ago that were expensive. They now fit me but are so out of style (shoulder pads etc.) that I will end up giving those away too.

I saw my cardiologist in NJ and he said I looked great. I was somewhat disappointed that my heart still has problems and that we won't know until December how much the repair helped and if the main issue is really gone. I go on the 22nd back to Philadelphia to see the surgeon again. On the 28th I have a lot of tests to undergo to determine if I can handle some cardiac rehab. My incision is much less painful than it was but the muscles going across my chest and into my shoulders are still hurting. I am now permitted to drive short distances locally but it is painful and only done if I have no alternative. I am moving about, breathing and functioning better than I was a few weeks ago. They tell me it will be late December before I have recovered. I am so very grateful for the improvements in breathing alone.

Weather has changed. Yesterday started out at 80 and temperatures dropped twenty degrees in a few short hours. It's really cool out today. Duffy with his two coats of fur is in heaven! Nothing makes him happier than a cool breeze blowing throw that luxurious coat.

I'm going to take it easy today as I had company yesterday and had to go for a chest x ray. Been a busy week with lab tests and the paperwork that never ends.

It's a weekend and that means Rob will be home with me for a few days. :) Have a great weekend and just think the new crop of apples will soon be here.

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Your hubby's sentimental scribbles were so touching. I'm glad you have someone so loving in your corner. The wedding sounded like a good time. A wonderful distraction for you. Good luck on the 22nd when you go back to Philadelphia to see the surgeon again. I'm praying it will be good news.