Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The past few days I have been covering for a coworker who is on vacation. She had a lovely couple who wanted to put an offer in on a home. The homeowner feels he should get his asking price which is not in line with the neighborhood. It's unfortunate when you come across a homeowner like this. In the business we pull "comps". These are homes which have things very similar to the one we are trying to place a value on. When homes are in a development it makes doing this very easy. It's so disappointing for a buyer to have to deal with someone who is not realistic. When there are many homes on the market, pricing a home right is crucial for it to sell.

My cell phone, the razor has a non functioning keypad. I went to the AT&T (formerly Cingular) store today. They told me I had to deal with the manufacturer but it was under warranty. For me who is on the cell phone at least a dozen times a day, not to have it working, is a hardship.
I had some voice mails which showed up two days late in addition to the keypad problem. They promised to have one to me no later than Friday with me paying for the expedited shipping.
This is the last time I buy a cell phone because I love the color and the thinness of it. If I continue to have the problems with the delayed voice mails I will be switching companies. Tomorrow I have another long day. I have worked two of the longest days ever this week already. I am working Saturday and Monday on Labor Day. Being a realtor is NOT an easy job. There are some wonderful things about it but you have to be flexible with your time. When someone wants to act quickly you accomodate them.

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