Thursday, February 22, 2007

Biding Time

We found out yesterday that we should go see Rob's family next weekend instead of this one.
Our niece will be with her father this weekend and we all agree that she should have some time with us. That means being patient another week. I tried to keep busy yesterday but frankly I didn't do much although I talked to my sister-in-law three times on the phone. Her mother finds if difficult to talk about these things and I am able to so I am trying to fill that square for her.

I went to see houses this morning. We had lunch served at a few. I tried not to overeat and I feel sluggish and am thinking that some of the food might have had MSG. Not good. It is quickly approaching 3 and I have floor coverage tonight from 6-9. That means I answer phones or handle people who walk in. It's a dreary day with constant rain and many streets and yards with the melting snow look like lakes. It has warmed up quite a bit. Today would be a good day for me to have sunshine as opposed to rain. Rob loves the rain. He likes to lay in bed and listen to it as he drifts off to sleep. I have always found the rain to be depressing but I am trying to view it differently now. So far it really isn't working though.

I bought the neatest bookmarks to give out about the ten commandments for pets. I really like it and it has my name, information and picture on the bottom. Today I received my business cards that I had waited weeks for. Any day my personalized other items will be arriving. In this business you need to give things away that have your name on them. These things are not cheap so I try to put a lot of thought into them. Have any of you ever received anything from a realtor that you really liked? My financial guy told me he loves to receive recipe cards. I have seen jar openers, fly swatters, notepads and memo boards. I am currently searching for a glass or plastic house that I can use as a candy dish for my open houses.

Well maybe I will take a rainy day nap before I have to leave for the office. Rainy days and Mondays always get me sleepy!


jennifer said...

I have the perfect thing. My realtor sends us one every year, and I actually WAIT for it and wonder why if it's late.

It's a small calendar with a magnet on the back, complete with household tips. His picture, name and number is on the top and you just tear the little months off. I LOVE IT! I keep it at work, so I look at Rex Miller's face whenever I'm at my computer.

It's perfect for the fridge. But prepaid VISA cards with unlimited balances are nice too.

jennifer said...

Oh...and send me a pet 10 commandments and a card. Please.

IndigoSunMoon said...

Hey babe! So sorry I haven't been around. We are probably going to buy a laptop soon, and if we do I will be online more often. Sitting here in this chair in front of the computer makes my back hurt so bad!
I'm thinking of you, and sending you love!